Heads Or Tails

RULES: Practical Shooting Handbook, Latest Edition        COURSE DESIGNER: Joe Huffman

START POSITION: Up range from barrel.  Facing either right or left, hands naturally at sides.



On signal engage T1 -> T7 in any order.  T2->T7 must be engaged from below the bar on the barrel.  One procedural for each shot fired at T2 -> T7 from above the bar.


             SCORING:    Comstock, 14 rounds, 70 points

             TARGETS:    7 IPSC

    SCORED HITS:    Best 2 per IPSC

      START-STOP:    Audible - Last shot

          PENALTIES:    Procedural. -10

                                      Miss. -10





SETUP NOTES: Arrange horizontal spacing such that shoot throughs are impossible while shooting under the bar.  All of the lower A-zones are protected by hard cover.




RO NOTES: Read the scenario for the shooters: You are walking by an alley and are ambushed by a thug and his back up team.  The backup thugs are hiding behind inadequate hard cover.  Their butts and their heads are exposed.  You take cover as well and neutralize them.