No Rest For The Wicked

RULES: Practical Shooting Handbook, Latest Edition        COURSE DESIGNER: Joe Huffman

START POSITION:  Facing up-range, toes touching line A, wrists above shoulders, head turned to view T1 and T2.



On signal turn and engage T1 and T2 with two rounds each to the lower target zone and one round each to the upper target zone.  The shooter must alternate shots between T1 and T2.  Two consecutive shots on the same target is a procedural.


             SCORING:    Comstock, 6 rounds, 30 points

             TARGETS:    2 IPSC

    SCORED HITS:    Best two on lower target areas, best                                       one on upper target areas.

      START-STOP:    Audible - Last shot

          PENALTIES:    Procedural. -10

                                      No-shoot hit. -10

                                      Miss. -10


SETUP NOTES: T1 is five feet high at the shoulder.  T2 is five feet six inches high at the shoulder.





RO NOTES:  Stage story line is that you had let your guard down and two armed scumbags got the drop on you.  They have told you they don't like the color of your skin, eyes, your sexual orientation, the shape of your head, and the way you part your hair.  After they take your money they are going to make some creative changes to your appearance.  Just before they get you up against the wall a strange sound (which sounds a lot like an IPSC timer) distracts them for a moment.  You take advantage of distraction and make some creative changes in their appearance. You must alternate between them to make sure neither of them has a extra moment to modify your features.