Queer Alley

RULES: Practical Shooting Handbook, Latest Edition COURSE DESIGNER: Joe Huffman

START POSITION: Standing in front of T1 with your right hand on the down range shoulder of the no-shoot.


On signal, draw an engage T1 from a muzzle distance of greater than 3 feet. Engage T2 -> T8, PP1, and PP2 in any order. PP1 and PP2 must be engaged from behind the fault line.


SCORING: Comstock, 18 rounds, 90 points


SCORED HITS: Best 2 per IPSC, steel down = 1A

START-STOP: Audible - Last shot

PENALTIES: Procedural. -10

No-shoot hit. -10

Miss. 10

SETUP NOTES: The no-shoot in front of T1 covers to the centerline of T1. The barrels in front of T6 are just touching the edge of T6. T6, T7, and T8 are touching at the edges. The placement of the barrels around T2 is not critical.  They are to keep shooters from shooting through T4 into the barrels in front of T6.



RO NOTES: Read the following stage scenario to the shooters in the walk through. One night you and your companion are returning home from the protest against Fred Phelps (owner of the web site www.godhatesfags.com) visit to town. You walk by a narrow alley. A thug grabs your companion and starts to push them into the alley where you notice several other thugs are waiting for you. You engage them before they engage you. PP1 and PP2 represent the headlights of the car they are using for light.