2002 Idaho State Silhouette Championships

bulletNRA hunters pistol, small bore hunters pistol, Cowboy pistol cartridge lever action & small bore cowboy rifle. 
bulletMemorial day weekend of May 25, 26, &27.
bulletLimited to 32 competitors
bullet See the fastest target setters in the world -- 55 seconds to reset 8 banks. 

Plan ahead & come join us in Lewiston Idaho for a great tune up for the nationals.  We typically have 4 or more, current or past national champions participating. 

IHMSA shooters are also welcome, we will convert you to NRA classification. 

We have a great new facility with 75' of covered firing line, flush toilet, handicapped accessible, and free RV parking across the road (50 yards to firing line).  No hookups.  Please RSVP for the RV spaces.  

Only 8 miles to the Indian casino & RV park, take a jet boat ride into the deepest gorge in north America -- Hells canyon which is as spectacular as the Grand canyon, or see the big game that Idaho is famous for.  Fish the Snake & Clearwater rivers for steelhead that run to 28lbs. Interested in the Lewis 
Clark bicentennial?  This is the place.  

For additional information see the program below or contact Ron Stryker:

Ron Stryker
324 4th Ave. 
Lewiston, Idaho 83501 
208-746-8483 (evenings)

Program for state silhouette championships

Competitors must be a member of the NRA & a state association. Membership dues may be paid at time of event applications/or date of championships.

Current NRA rules will apply & every competitor must have a classification booklet. They will be available for purchase at the match. Please show up one hour prior to shooting times to pick up score cards & have guns certified etc. 

Saturday 25th Day 1 match 1 & 2, hunters pistol open sight.

8am 2- 40 shot matches fired simultaneously in a straight thru manner per NRA rule 1.7.  Competitors will shoot 10 targets & change score cards & shoot 10 more & then the relay will change to relay 2 who will do the same. Score cards will be color coded to avoid confusion. This will continue until all relays have fired a total of 80 rounds. Targets will only be painted when a new relay comes to the line. A ten in a row that consists of your second string of 5 & the third string of five will not be recorded as a ten in a row, since that is the separation of matches. Competitors firing on bank 1 for the first 10 shots, will be firing on bank 2 for the second 10 shots, Conversely competitors firing on bank 2 for the first 10 shots will fire on bank 1 for the 2nd 10 shots Competitors will not change positions for the second 10 targets. Targets will then be painted after completion of relay shooting both 10 shot strings at the same animal/distance. These 2 matches will comprise the hunter pistol open sight championship. A resident champion will be crowned as will a non-resident if the winner is not a resident. Need not be a resident to be State champion. 

Awards will be given for both 40 shot matches & 80 shot aggregate State champion/match winner, resident champion, 1st, 2nd & 3rd, in class respectively. 1 each for Hi Woman, senior, junior & super senior.

30 minute lunch break to follow morning matches.

Saturday afternoon 12:30 prox. Matches 3 & 4 hunter pistol.

Same format as morning, 2-40 shot matches fired simultaneously  Award ceremony for each days events to follow the 4th match.

Sunday day 2- 8am Matches 5 & 6 small bore hunters pistol open sights. 

Same format as day 1.

Sunday 12:30 prox. Matches 7 & 8, small bore hunter pistol. 

Award ceremony for days events to follow match # 8.

Monday day 3-8am Matches 9 & 10 pistol cartridge cowboy lever action & revolver.

1-60 shot match w/rifle & 20 shot match with revolver, fired in the standing position. Relay will shoot 15 of each target w/rifle & then will shoot, 5 of the same targets with a revolver. Upon completion of these 20 shots relay 2 will come to the line & repeat the same format until 80 rounds have been fired for score. Best aggregate score wins. Same awards for the two rifle/combo events as the hunter pistol events. Any center fire single or double action revolver of proper caliber with metallic sights allowed. If you don't have a revolver, call ahead & we will loan you one. The shots fired with the revolver will not count for national records & will be recorded on separate score cards.

Monday 10:30 AM  Match 11 Small bore cowboy rifle

1-80 shot match fired straight thru as above , per NRA rule 1.7I Awards to be given as in all above matches, award ceremony to follow. 

It is our sincere hope to be finished with the final award ceremony on Monday by 2pm so everybody can get a good start for home.


Match 1 & 2- must meet NRA rule 3.1.1 hunter pistol open sights.
Match 3 & 4- must meet NRA rule  3.1 hunter pistol.
Match 5 & 6- must meet 3.2.1 small bore hunter pistol open sights.
Match 7 & 8- must meet 3.2 small bore hunter pistol.
Match 9 & 10- must meet 3.1.2b pistol cartridge cowboy lever action rifle.
Match 9 & 10- must meet standing revolver a center fire single or double action action revolver that is equipped with metallic sights. 
Match 11 & 12- must meet 3.1.2c small bore cowboy rifle.


All NRA & host club rules will be enforced & this range has some special rules & they are not negotiable. Open bolt indicators and eye & ear protection are mandatory for everyone under roof cover.
Red line will be observed. No smoking in building. 


Any entry not possessing proof of class will shoot in the highest available class.


All ties will be decided by reverse animal count beginning with the ram with the exception of State champion/match winner, who will shoot off.


The range will be open for practice on Friday 1pm till dusk & after the conclusion of days shooting as conditions allow. No shooting prior to the start of morning matches. Long runs will be fired at conclusion of award ceremony after daily matches, as time & light allows. 


$35.00 1st gun, 2nd thru 5th is $20.00 Each or all 6 for $120.00. We pay $16.00 for each competitor to the range owners & $4.00 to the NRA of this entry fee. 


6 state champions will be named & awards will be given for every match fired & 1st, 2nd & 3rd, in the 6 gun aggregate will be given. If you wish to attend a quality competition, come here. We typically have 4 past national champions participating & will give you all the competition that you can stand. It is a great tune up for the nationals.


Close of entries is May 1, 2002. We prefer a check with the entry but if it will make the difference of whether or not you can participate, bring the check with you to the shoot but send in your entry form on time. Late entry fee is $5.00.  Entry limited to 32 competitors.


These events are being fired on auto-reset target systems, we have them fine tuned from last year including proper separation of banks. Test targets for damage are on site at all silhouette events, no amount of target damage is acceptable. Overnight camping is not allowed on the range, but again this year we are asking the landowner to allow use of his field across the road from the range. RSVP if you wish to stay. No charge for this use. RV parking is available at the gambling casino approx. 10 miles from the range, currently cost is $15.00 per night. We have a very nice covered firing range & one of the most modern shooting facilities in the pacific northwest.

The range has flush toilets but no potable water, but we will furnish drinking water.  Pets must be on a leash. Lodging & food available in Lewiston. (20 mins.) Food is available in Lapwai (5 miles). Lunch is available for purchase from the Lapwai deli & must be ordered first thing in the morning.  


In a row pins will be provided, master & AAA will not be given 5 in a row. We also give engravable pins for long runs that are personal best but not national records.

Teams for national record: three member teams may be formed prior to the start of a match. The combined score of the highest scoring team will be submitted as per NRA rule 17.5 (n).

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