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For more information about silhouette shooting in general see the

  • NRA rule book for Rifle Silhouette competition, or the
  • NRA rule book for Pistol Silhouette competion
  • Watch this video of our automatic resetting silhouette targets!

    For information specific to the Lewiston Pistol Club events contact the LCWC Silhouette organizer Pete Murray at (509)243-3590, or visit their website at http://lcwildlife.org/silhouette/ .

    NRA sanctioned pistol cartridge lever action, small bore cowboy rifle & we expect to have 200 meter cowboy rifle matches included by the end of 2003. We have practice targets now on site.

    We also shoot NRA hunter pistol & small bore hunters pistol. All silhouette events are fired on the same day. If you have a gun that you are not sure if it qualifies, bring it out or call & if it won't damage the targets we will let you shoot it. Might be some special provisions.

    Spectators are welcome at no charge. If you would like to come out & try your hand we always have a gun & ammo available, junior or senior or something in between makes no difference. We have some very knowledgeable people willing to coach you. You don't have to be a pro to shoot this game.

    All matches are at Lewis Clark wildlife club range on Tom Beall road.

    The entry fee schedule is: $8.00 per gun or four guns for $25.00.

    Matches start at 10:00 AM with practice starting at 9:00 AM.

    We pay the Lewis Clark wildlife club $4.00 per head for range & maintenance fee, Juniors shoot free.

    Contact: Call Match Director Pete Murray (509) 243-3590.

    Event Results

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    2002 Idaho State Silhouette Championship

    2001 Idaho State Silhouette Championship

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