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USPSA matches consist of field course and standard exercise stages. The standard exercise stages dictate shooting position, mandatory reloads and sometimes restrict the number of shots that can be fired. The field course stages, which are what make USPSA matches unique, require movement, reloads, and problem solving by the shooter to complete the course and engage all the targets — in a safe manner of course.

Stages scores are determined by dividing the number of points (determined by hits on target) by the time it takes to complete the stage to determine the hit factor for the competitor. A combination of accuracy and speed is needed to be a top USPSA competitor, but not everyone attends the match for competition. We always welcome new shooters and people who just want to have fun while gaining experience in safely handling a firearm.

As an affiliated USPSA club (United States Practical Shooting Association, www.uspsa.org), our matches are run under the current USPSA rulebook. Safety is the number one priority at USPSA matches. Competitors do not have to be members of USPSA to participate in our matches.

To join the email list for match reminders, or for more information, contact the USPSA match director, Jodi Humann, at action@lewistonpistol.org

Match results are now found at practiscore.com/results. Just search “LPC” to get the USPSA and Steel match results

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You may also be interested in some pictures and video from one of our events.

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Classifer Lookup
Look up your USPSA Classifier Record. Enter your full, complete USPSA membership number (ex: A-12345)

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Club Matches
Action matches are scheduled on the first Sunday of the month.

All matches are at the Bernie Petersen Memorial Range on Lenville road outside of Moscow. Setup and registration starts at 9:00 AM with shooting starting at 10:00 AM. The entry fee is $15 for LPC members, $20 non-members. Participants should bring eye and ear protection, a sturdy holster, a reliable handgun of at least .38 or 9mm caliber, magazines or speed loaders to hold at least 24 rounds, and a minimum of 150 rounds of ammunition. New shooters to the club shoot for free.

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Stage Design

Our club's own Kevin Imel, NROI Range Master Instructor, has written a series of Stage Design Articles for USPSA's Front Sight magazine. You should avail yourself of his vast knowledge here: http://www.uspsa.org/NROI-stage-design.php .

Check our club information and resources for Stage Design at the Petersen Memorial Range.

New Shooters: New Shooters, please see our New Shooter Instructions page. New shooters to the club shoot free!

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Action Match Video by R. Watson

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Winchester 3-Gun Match Results

August 25, 2001

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Yellow Wolf Pistol Club Match Results

July 2001

Yellow Wolf has discontinued their sanctioned matches.

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