Lewiston Pistol Club

Fourth Sunday of Every Month

When: Setup starts at 9:00AM, signup at 9:30, match starts at 10:00

New Shooters: New Shooters please read our New Shooter Instructions.

What: The monthly steel match is comprised of 5 or 6 stages; each stage has 5 static steel targets of various sizes at varying ranges out to 35 yards. None of the shots are hard to make! This is drag racing with a gun. You get either four or five runs on each stage and your slowest run is thrown out. Your times for all stages are added together and that's your score. In order to compete you need eye and ear protection, a handgun (please no hot magnum loads--they mess up the steel), sufficient ammo (150 rounds IF you don't miss--bring 200 rounds), a belt holster that covers the triggerguard, and speedloaders/magazines to reload (single action shooters are welcome and can use two guns). The match fee is currently $15 for LPC members, $20 non-members. First timers shoot for free.
After the main match we sometimes hold side matches such as bowling pin shoots or man-on-man (or person-on-person) side matches where shooters compete directly against each other on falling targets.
First time shooters shoot free!
To join the email list for shooters at the outdoor range, send an email to action@lewistonpistol.org.

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