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This range is situated on private land, is gated, and use is restricted to members and guests. These restrictions are necessary for reasons related to safety and liability.  During scheduled matches the range is closed for general use. Matches usually are finished by early afternoon, and the range is available for general use after that. Please note that we currently do not have a rifle range. All shooting must be confined to the bays (20 yards maximum). We had some work done on the range in August 2012.



Lat: 46° 38' 10.86" N
Long: 116° 50' 16.36" W

From Moscow

The range is located on Lenville Road, south of Moscow: From Moscow, take Highway 8 east past the Eastside Marketplace, past the cemetery on the north side of the road. Lenville is the first crossroad after the cemetery. Take Lenville Road south; when it forks, follow it to the left and go over the saddle between Paradise Ridge and Tomer Butte. Follow Lenville until the pavement runs out (about 8-10 miles south of Highway 8), and keep going on the main gravel road about another 2.3 miles. Go past the first house on the right, around a couple more curves, and you will see another house on a hill on the left. The range is situated on Schoolhouse Flat about 3/8 mile south of the house. You will see a rock outcropping that comes almost to the road on the left and a "One Lane Bridge" sign on the right; look for the driveway with a yellow gate on the left. The gate can be opened with the key issued to members.

On the left is the rock outcropping as seen while driving SE on Lenville road.

From Lewiston

Go north on US95 to the Genesee turnoff.  Go thru town to the as side of town.  Turn left (north) on Cedar street.  At the north end of town, on Cedar, the road takes a "Y".  Take the north fork of the "Y".  This is Old Highway 95 but there may not be a sign visible.  If you get to a Wilbur-Ellis or McGregor plant you have missed the turn on to Old Highway 95.  Go North on 95 to Jenkins road, and turn right (East) for a very short distance.  Then turn left (North) on Magee Road.  Follow Magee Road Northeast to a 'T" at a group of of grain bins.  Turn left (north) on Lenville Road.  The range is about 1/4 mile North on the the right (east) side of the road.  There is a tree that blocks the view of the gate until you are right up to it.   The gate can be opened with the key issued to members.

This is the gate to the range.  You must be a member to get a key.
This is 2.3 miles past the end of the gravel on your left as you drive south on Lenville.

Cowboy Action Bay (first bay), Aug 2012

First upper bay, Aug 2012

Second Upper Bay, Aug 2012

Tom Beall range (Silhouette):
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